Susan Goldbeck

Susan’s featured articles coming soon to Carmel Life & Times

Susan is a featured writer for Carmel Life & Times. Having retired from public life, she wishes to spend her time enjoying her family, especially her grandson, her dog lulu and the amenities of our beautiful area.
Susan has spent the last two decades on the Monterey peninsula, in the field of community service as a Pacific Grove city council member and advocate for the environment as well as those who don’t receive the help they need.
A successful litigation and trial attorney, with 27 attorneys under her, she moved to the peninsula to retire, only to find a that there was a constant demand for her skills and compassion.
She is now retiring for the second time and is devoting her life to the needs of the community she loves and the protection of our coast. This does not however diminish her advocacy. Her core values are still seen in the articles she provides for Carmel Life and Times.
Now that she has retired from the world of litigation, she is devoting her time to writing both for entertainment value and to educate those about many of the concerns that affect the world around us.